Do Buildings have Genders?


This blog post is less relavent to politecture, however, I found this interesting and rather fun to read therefore I wanted to write about it. In an article called “Architecutre and Sex”, Jackie Craven makes an argument that buildings. Although it may seem absurd to ask yourself “do buildings have genders?”, many serious architecture scholars are researching the relationship between architecture and human anatomny and sexuality.


Certain architecture critics say that sharp, forceful, and tall buildings, such as the Empire State building express a sense of masculinity, and therefore it would be male. However, in order to be a male building, one does not have to have phallic representations. According to critics, the Herbert Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University is also male, but for different reasons. According to critics, the heavy, robust, and rigid buildings are considered male too.


The Singapore Esplanade, with its curvacious and patterned form suggest it’s a female. Curves in architecture are normally suggestive of a womb. However, to be considered female does not necessarily mean it has to be delicate.For example, the Sydney Opera House is also catergorized as feminine even with all its sharp corners, critics may call it expressing a bold female energy.



However, there are also androgynous architecture, where a building can embody both male and female characteristics. Whether buildings have gender or not, building designed by a female architect will not always be female and buildings by male architects will not always be male. Afterall buildings do come in all shapes and forms, just like people.


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